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Amsterdam creative, and founder of NUTORIOUS, Emiel Gerardu is passionate about peanut butter. Emiel was raised on a steady diet of peanut butter in a typically Dutch family from the south. Getting bored of eating the nations favorite spread the ordinary way, he started experimenting with his peanut butter cravings by adding different flavors and exploring new ways of using his favorite spread. Yet, something still seemed to miss the mark.  

Unsatisfied with the local peanut butter ecosystem, Emiel decided in 2017  to take matters into his own hands presenting NUTORIOUS peanut butter to the world and elevating the market with three signature flavors to satisfy each type of peanut butter lover on the globe.

Today, NUTORIOUS is available at the finest locations in five countries.


'Aiming for fun and smiles instead of numbers makes me think in different ways. This helps me to make the brand to stand out. NUTORIOUS should always be about that.

This is how I am changing the peanut butter game one jar at a time,' 

Emiel Gerardu - Founder, maker and creative